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Annual Poetry & Poster Contest

Every year, the NCDA hosts a poster and poetry contest, and this year’s theme is-  The Joy of Working: a positive approach to work, career, & life.  Submissions are due to Audra Lavoie by December 2, 2016.  The top three entries will receive a gift certificate ($50, $25, $25), and will be entered into the national contest for another chance to win. 


Entries can be mailed to: 

Audra Lavoie

Dorcas International Institute of RI

645 Elmwood Ave

Providence, RI 02907

2015 - 2016 Poetry & Poster Contest State Winners!

Entrants chosen based on the year's theme of "Reimagining Life's Possibilities: Celebrating First Jobs Through Encore Careers". First, Second & Third Place. RI Winners have been submitted to the National Contest. National winners will be announced in April.  This year all entrants came from Providence Transition Academy a unique program in partnership with the Providence School Department for students who choose to take an extra year of instruction and internships in the RI community that prepare them for a successful transition into college or the working world.


FIRST PLACE: HAIKU by Mari Megrdichian (CHSW senior)

Helping Animals

Abused, Abandoned or Hurt

Who are now loved.


A Vet Assistant

My experience with dogs

Will make a difference. 



SECOND PLACE: by Yaneiry Francisco of Providence Transtition Academy, 12th Grade


THIRD PLACE: by Brayau Quezada of Providence Transition Academy, 12th Grade

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