Past Winner: 11-12 NCDA 1st Place Poetry


Michelle Sarasin, Rhode Island College

My Field of Dreams


Into my field of dreams I shall travel,

The beauty of the journey about to unravel,

With no map to guide me and no hand to hold,

I embark on the path my dreams to unfold.


I shall journey across the highest mountains,

Sail softly on life’s ever-flowing ocean,

As great danger appears as a traveling writer I will stand fearless,

‘Cause my dreams are bigger than fear, stronger than doubt, larger than life.


Like a bald eagle I will lead with bravery,

Courage is my strongest virtue,

Inspiration emanates from the world around me,

Trusting my faith to guide my fearless spirit.


I may be famous and possible turn up fortune,

I may win the Nobel Peace Prize, then one day retire into the sunny skies,

But wherever I go, whatever I do

My dreams will grow into life so true.


Into my field of dreams I travel,

The beauty of the journey ‘bout to unravel,

Many challenges to defeat, my faith runs deep,

My field of dreams is my life’s legacy to leave.

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