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Welcome to RICDA

Join as a member


We look forward to getting to know you through events and programs!

  • Membership. Participate in our award winning professional development and networking events.

  • Fourth Fridays. Share your expertise; Choose the topic and facilitate a conversation.

  • Network with other membersReach out to one person from an event, 4th Friday, or someone from our Board.

Share your skills and leadership

  • Committees.  If you have communication skills, organizational skills, or technical skills that you would be willing to share with our Board and our members, committees are great place to start! 

  • Board of Directors. Great for people who have been part of events or are familiar with the board.

  • NEW Leadership Academy. Contact Audra to learn more.

If you would like to get involved, or want to know more, please reach out to our Board.

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