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Fourth Friday Discussion

Welcome to RICDA.

“Hope we have as an anchor of the soul” Hebrews 6:9, origin of RI motto “Hope”

As a career counselor, it’s my job to help people feel hope for their futures. I help people acknowledge where life has taken them, uncover what really makes them tick, and motivate them to take the right steps toward success.

Without RICDA, I would not have the knowledge and resources I do to convince others that their futures can be brighter; Now, I have a much bigger picture of what RI has to offer. I know what types of excellent programs there are to enrich the development of our children in K-12, I watch education and workforce policies gain traction for the unemployed and underemployed, and I know what kind of dedicated people are championing struggling adults every day.

Rhode Island may get a bad rep at times, but it is a place where people can maintain Hope in finding happiness and success, thanks to the efforts of members and friends of RICDA.  

I look forward to getting to know each of you through our events and programs this year!

Veronica Stewart, RICDA President

Get Involved.

  • Membership. Participate in our award winning professional development and networking events.

  • Board of Directors. Great for people who have been part of events or are familiar with the board. 

  • Committees.  We have two new committees starting this June - our Communications Committee, and Membership and Training Committee - this is a great starting place for people who understand what RICDA is and does, and is still getting to know us or just really likes one of these areas.

  • NEW Leadership Academy. Contact Audra to learn more.

  • 4th Fridays. Share your expertise; Choose the topic and facilitate the conversation.

  • Start with one conversation. Reach out to one person from an event, 4th Friday, or on the board.


If you want to get involved, or want to know more, reach out to our Board.