Belonging. I am a big Brene Brown fan. She has a story that stresses the importance of belonging and how we can often feel like we do not have a place. Now add some pandemic and a lot of isolation on that - and it is easy (possibly mandatory) to feel out of place in many spaces. RICDA has been one of my places to belong.  People on the board have become my friends, and being involved has given me a space to meet all of you. It can be hard to find that space of belonging. For the RICDA, a few options to get more involved:

  • Join the board of directors. Great for people who have been part of events or are familiar with the board. 

  • Join a committee.  We have two new committees starting this June - our Communications Committee, and Membership and Training Committee - this is a great starting place for people who understand what RICDA is and does, and is still getting to know us or just really likes one of these areas.

  • Lead a 4th Friday. Choose the topic and facilitate the conversation.

  • Start with one conversation. Reach out to one person from an event, 4th Friday, or on the board.


If you want to get involved, or want to know more, reach out to me (Audra) or another board member.


Come meet with your colleagues on Zoom.